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28 February 2014


Latest posts from my NEW BLOG - JAPONESQUE TRENDS

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I am kind of starting making some YouTube videos so if you visit my new blog you'll be able to view some of the videos. :)

Lots and lots of new posts on my other blog. Hope you can all join me in my new blog! You can follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook Page! :)

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07 October 2012

Haul: Beauty Bar (K-Palette, Ziaja)

I can finally try the famous K-Palette 1 day tattoo 24-hour long lasting eyebrow (so haba ng name). The shade I got is the lightest color available which is in shade 01 (Natural Brown). I actually swatched both shades on the back of my hand and the colors are pretty close. I got the lighter one just to be sure because I attempted to bleach my hair with Palty (review coming soon I promise). 

I also purchased an eye and lip remover which I think was impractical in the first place. I hardly wear any makeup for my eyes and as for my lips I only wear lip butters or lip gloss. Another from the brand Ziaja, is an eye cream. I will be using this temporarily until I have the Clinique all about your eyes eye cream. If you're using this it would help me a lot if you can comment below and post a mini review or better yet link the post to your blog under. I am deciding whether to get the eye cream from Clinique or the Obagi Elastiderm.

Freebies! I love freebies. They gave me 2 small packets of Burt's Bees Daily Moisturizer.

For those who do not have a Beauty Bar Store near them you can also shop products from their online store.

Click on the Beauty Bar Image and it will take you to their online shop.


02 October 2012

REVIEW & UPDATES: Japonesque Trends

Japonesque Trends Blog

I have been the busiest person ever since I started putting up Japonesque Trends and some other things I need to prioritize on the side. If you have noticed I am a big fan of Japanese skin care products. I will tackle each point why I love Japanese products above all the others.

Reasons WHY:
  • They are effective. Yes they cost a little more than the rest of the beauty products but wouldn't you like to purchase something that actually works? Something that is worth every penny you pay for it.
  • They suit Asian skin. Hence, gives you a big reason why I opt for this products.
  • Japanese are all about quality and safety. They will never sacrifice below standard products to be sold in the market and they make sure that is safe for consumption. It is after all their pride and glory (QUALITY).
Japonesque Trends is a blog that will cater to all the latest beauty products from Japan. This is from head to to. Skin care, Makeup and everything and anything under the sun that is used for the body. This will give you information on what products to suit you best before shelling out money to buy the products. I have noticed the lack of source for Japanese products hence the reason I have put up a site to share every knowledge and research I have done all through the years of being a Japanese product fan.

Does this blog sell anything?
No. I do not plan to sell anything and the main purpose of the blog is to help people out there read about the products that they have in Japan. Most of the products posted are the top sellers or best sellers in Japan according to Cosme an influential organization that ranks every product according to its popularity and effectivity amongst the Japanese people.

Hope I can help everyone in my own little way.

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