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23 April 2012

Lay Bare Waxing Salon: Brazillian Wax

It's that time of the year when people start to crowd the beach. Being hairless is a serious business. Born under the race with fine body hair, the only concern I have left are my pits and down there. I have had my hair pits removed through laser by the trusted doctors at the House of Obagi. I was convinced by friends to have this done and so I did. 

For first timers like me, you may avail their loyalty card for free. This entitles the card holder Php 100 off on her 5th session and Php 200 off on her 10th session.

Type of wax: Cold sugar wax (NO more worries of getting burned from hot wax sister!)
Price: Php 450 (seriously affordable)
Complete Price List: Lay Bare Price List

The attendant was nice enough to help me survive the procedure, chatting with me during rest periods to divert my attention. She dusts the areas with hair with a powder then applies the wax and pull it. After the procedure she applies some soothing cream that contains antibacterial properties.

How long did it take?
I'd say depending on your pain tolerance, people with lower pain tolerance will take up a lot of time because of rest periods. Mine took an average of 30 minutes or less. 

Was it painful?
Yes. In a scale of 10,  I would say it's a 7. This is coming from a person who has a high pain tolerance and a first timer. If you're thinking of trying to pull out your hair in the bathroom to test whether you'll survive of not, I suggest you not to. I tried that and it feels different. It's less painful when someone is doing it for you and she pulls out a portion of hair in one go. 

  • Make sure you do not have your period (common sense)
  • Make sure the hair is long enough about a quarter of an inch
  • You may take a shower 4 hours after the procedure
  • Wear loose clothing (tight clothing can cause friction which may lead to irritation after the procedure)

It was my first and definitely not my last! So if you see hair, it's time to Lay Bare! :) 



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